Members by Examination

The following have successfully completed the Further Learning Program and are now Members by Examination:

  • Simon Billings, Saputo

  • Jess Bloomfield, AARN Executive Officer

  • Stacey Cosnett, Farmlands Nutrition (NZARN)

  • Mark Emonson, TPC Agriculture

  • Daniel Espinosa, HICO

  • Mia Fehring-Cossar       

  • Pip Gale, CopRice

  • Daniel Goss, TAS Stockfeeds

  • Courtney Gronow, Udder Business

  • Jane Heyneman, Rivalea

  • Dan Hoch, Profitable Paddock

  • David Huggins, Huggins Nutrition

  • Natalie Hughes, Ballance Agri-Nutrients (NZARN)

  • Chris Jarman, BEC
  • Steve McGill, Cow Centric (NZARN)

  • Felix McGirr, MyFarm Investments (NZARN)

  • Stephanie McFarlane, Meningie Fodder

  • Jonathon Nield, CopRice

  • Lisa Nietschke, J.T. Johnson & Sons

  • Nadine Olsen, Nutritech (NZARN)
  • Geraldine Perkins, Cultivate Change Ag Consultancy

  • Steve Ralston, Debenham Australia

  • Matthew Robertson, Marcus Oldham

  • Louise Salter, Nutritech (NZARN)
  • Lyndal Shannon 

  • Natalie Schwerin, BEC

  • Michael Tuhan

  • Laura Tweddle, Debenham Australia

  • Chloe Warden-Flood, Reid Stockfeeds

  • Cameron Wright, BEC

  • Donna Woerz, Debenham Australia

Honorary Fellowship Award

The Fellowship Award is an honorary title that comes with lifetime membership to the AARN for the recipient. It is awarded to nominees who have made a sustained contribution to the AARN and ruminant nutrition. 

The following Members have been granted the distinction of Honorary Fellow:


  • Steve Little
  • Damien Nankervis
  • Ian Sawyer

Scholarship Recipients

The following tertiary students have received the AARN Scholarship for their research project into a ruminant nutrition related subject:



  • Nicholas Dawes, University of Adelaide
  • Kayla Kopp, CSU Wagga Wagga


  • Stephanie Sammes, University of QLD
  • Meaghan Douglas, University of Sydney


  • Naomi Leahy, Murdoch University
  • Victoria Russo, University of Melbourne


  • Paula Gonzales-Rivas, University of Melbourne
  • Cara Meyer, University of Adelaide
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