Graduates of the Further Learning Program


Current Full Members by Examination

  • Pip Gale, FeedWorks

  • Daniel Goss, TAS Stockfeeds

  • Courtney Gronow, Udder Business

  • Nikki Henderson, Henderson Livestock Consulting
  • David Isaac, BEC Feed Solutions
  • Jane Heyneman, AARN

  • David Huggins, Huggins Nutrition

  • Chris Jarman, BEC Feed Solutions
  • Felix McGirr, MyFarm Investments (NZARN)

  • Stephanie McFarlane, Meningie Fodde

  • Mathew Meggison, Zoetis

  • Jonathon Nield, CopRice

  • Lisa Nietschke, ACE Livestock Consulting

  • Steve Ralston, Debenham Australia

  • Micheal Savli, AusFarm Nutrition

  • Natalie Schwerin, BEC Feed Solutions

  • Laura Tweddle, Debenham Australia

  • Chloe Warden-Flood, Fonterra

  • Cameron Wright - Riverina Stockfeeds

  • Donna Woerz, Debenham Australia

Honorary Fellowship Award

The Honorary Fellowship Award is a prestigious recognition in the ruminant nutrition industry. Recipients of this award are granted the honorary title and a lifetime membership to the AARN. The award is given to nominees who have made an extraordinary and sustained contribution to the association and ruminant nutrition industry. It is a way to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of individuals who have had a lasting impact on the field. The award was created in 2016, the 10th anniversary of the establishment of AARN.

The following Members have been granted the distinction of Honorary Fellow:

  • Steve Little
  • Damien Nankervis
  • Ian Sawyer
  • Mark Towner

Scholarship Recipients

The following tertiary students have received the AARN Scholarship for their research project into a ruminant nutrition related subject:



  • Nicholas Dawes, University of Adelaide
  • Kayla Kopp, CSU Wagga Wagga


  • Stephanie Sammes, University of QLD
  • Meaghan Douglas, University of Sydney


  • Naomi Leahy, Murdoch University
  • Victoria Russo, University of Melbourne


  • Paula Gonzales-Rivas, University of Melbourne
  • Cara Meyer, University of Adelaide
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