Membership by Examination

The AARN Further Learning Program

The Examination provides AARN members with a significant opportunity for professional development and recognition of expertise among their peers. It should also open up further opportunities for leadership roles within the ruminant nutrition sector. We therefore urge members to take the challenge and put themselves forward.

In addition to these personal benefits, the AARN Members Examination process will, over time, open up new opportunities for collaboration between ruminant nutritionists and other professionals working in the ruminant animal industries.

The award of Full Member by Examination of the Australian Association of Ruminant Nutrition is granted upon a Member who is eligible to sit and successfully pass a written and oral examination in ruminant nutrition.

Membership of the AARN is an official recognition of a Member’s knowledge and experience in ruminant nutrition. Membership is an indication to the ruminant industry of an advanced advisor, competence, and experience in the field. It provides employers and clients with confidence that the Member has a thorough understanding of the scientific and practical applications of ruminant nutrition.

Why the Program is Important

The AARN Members Examination serves AARN’s three objectives:

  • Provide recognition of existing nutritional expertise and promote further professional development.
  • Provide a forum for co-ordinated communication, discussion and interaction on issues related to the development of the ruminant livestock industries.
  • Provide confidence that the nutritional information received by the Australian ruminant industries is credible.

What it means to be an AARN Member by Examination (AARNe)

It signifies that the candidate has demonstrated a high level of competency in the field of ruminant nutrition and feeding, as would be expected of a person providing professional advice to nutritionist colleagues not similarly qualified in the principles and practice of ruminant nutrition and feeding in the Australian ruminant industries context.

Eligibility to sit the AARN Members Examination

To sit the AARN Members Examination, a person must be a current, financial, full AARN or NZARN member. This requires EITHER a tertiary qualification, e.g. BAgric, BAppSc, BSc, BVSc and at least two years full-time industry experience between graduation and taking the examination OR, if no tertiary qualification, at least five years full-time industry experience.

Handbook for AARN Members Examination Candidates

Still want to know more?

Watch this recorded presentation, which outlines how to create a study plan, mindset and much more!


Apply Now for 2024

Applications close December 31st, 2023

If you are not yet a Full Member, please apply for Membership first. 

Members Examination Application Form
Application for the AARN Further Learning Program.
If you are not yet a member of the AARN please click on the BECOME A MEMBER tab to apply!
I declare that I fulfil all the requirements of Full Membership of AARN or NZARN. I have read, understood and agree to abide by all the procedures and conditions associated with the examination process as detailed in the Handbook for AARN Members Examination Candidates, including the conditions relating to contact with nominated examiners on any aspects of study during their preparation, and access to examination information following the examination.
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