Welcome to the Australian Association of Ruminant Nutrition

Promoting excellence in ruminant nutrition

Who We Are

We are the national professional association providing education, training, professional development, mentoring and networking opportunities. 

Our Mission

To educate, connect, ensure nutrition advice is of a high standard.

What We Do

Host 2-3 conferences per year, webinars, provide Membership by Examination, offer student scholarships, offer Members exclusive learning resources.

Our History

The AARN is a Not-For-Profit Incorporated Association formed in 2006, by a passionate group of industry professionals who wanted to support the industry as a whole by bringing in experts to update the group on the latest science in ruminant nutrition. 

Our Values


To provide credible information from well respected nutritionists nationally and internationally. 


To respect and value the contribution our members, stakeholders and industry partners bring to AARN.


To be an honest, trustworthy and transparent organization, providing information with no commercial bias.

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Our Goals

  • Educate

    • Hands on workshops to suit new people in the industry
    • Technical updates on the latest research projects in ruminant nutrition
    • Raise awareness of industry opportunities
    • Exclusive learning resources

  • Connect

    • Facilitate 2-3 conferences per year
    • Monthly eNewsletters with topical information
    • Engage with Industry Partners
    • Promote other relevant events
    • Provide a platform for ruminant nutritionists to network

  • Empower

    • Mentor Program
    • Membership by Examination
    • Student Scholarships 
    • Recognise members for outstanding personal achievement
    • Code of Conduct to maintain high standards and ethical behaviour

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