What is the AARN?

The AARN is the professional association for ruminant nutritionists in Australia. It provides forums for 150+ members to interact and learn from one another and invited experts. Unique services are provided by AARN to its members to update their skills, knowledge and networks and include a further learning program (examinations), conferences and seminars, scholarships and web resources.

The AARN was formed in 1996. It is a not-for-profit incorporated association. It is ruled by a Constitution and members agree to abide by its code of conduct. The AARN is funded by annual membership subscriptions and the support of sponsors.

Objectives of the AARN

  • Provide recognition of existing ruminant nutrition expertise and promote further professional development.
  • Provide a forum for coordinated communication, discussion and interaction on issues related to the development of the ruminant livestock industries.
  • Provide confidence that the nutritional information received by the Australian ruminant industries is credible.
  • AARN Constitution
  • AARN Professional Code for Members

Benefits of the AARN

  • Continuing education through AARN’s Seminar Programs and web resources.
  • Professional development and recognition of expertise through AARN’s Further Learning Program (written and oral examinations).
  • Encouragement of new people into the ruminant nutrition industry through our Student Scholarship Program.
  • Forum for industry communication.
  • Liaison with other agricultural associations.
  • Reference point with government and industry working groups.